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Just Be Yourself is The True Anti-Mainstream

Humans are social creatures hence the need to socialize is self-explanatory. No matter where you go, you need to be involved in a certain community and try to adapt in … Continue reading

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It’s Okay, It’s Love Episode 1-4: Twisted Love Affair

As a new fan of Jo In Sung, I’m very excited about his new drama called It’s Okay, It’s Love. He plays the role as a mystery writer with OCD … Continue reading

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Gorgeous and Chic Ahn Jae Hyun for W Magazine

Do you remember Cheon Yoon Jae? That dorky cute little brother of Cheon Song Yi in You Who Came From The Stars? I just found out that the actor who played … Continue reading

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That Winter, The Wind Blows: Gorgeous & Intriguing Drama

Melodrama is not really my cup of tea and I try to avoid it since Autumn In My Heart. However That Winter, The Wind Blows starring Jo In Sung (What Happened … Continue reading

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Indonesia’s Election Game

When it comes to decide something important, sometimes our personal judgement takes over our rationality and objectivity. Nevertheless, it’s hard to avoid our subjectivity towards someone. If we should choose … Continue reading

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Two & Two: The Price of Challenging the Authority

Two and Two is a short movie that depicts how an authoritarian regime controls its people. This powerful movie will remind us about the absurdity of dictatorship and tyranny. Education … Continue reading

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The Change Begins Within You

Some people are afraid to change for many reasons and most of the time if they do want to change, they are doing it for all the wrong reasons. In … Continue reading

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